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7th ELI-ALPS User Workshop

In the framework of the established series of Users’ Workshops the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) (http://www.eli-alps.hu) is organizing its seventh User Workshop on 7-8 November, 2019, in Szeged, Hungary. The workshop will be held in the building of ELI-ALPS in Szeged.

The ELI-ALPS being implemented in Szeged, Hungary is one of the three pillars of the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) listed in the ESFRI roadmap. ELI is the first international facility with the mission to make a wide range of ultrafast light and particle sources accessible to international user groups.

The implementation of the ELI-ALPS facility has recently undergone substantial progress. Four of the laser systems (Mid-IR, High Repetition Rate, SYLOS alignment and SYLOS) have been installed, two more systems will be installed within the year. A 100 kHz repetition rate high-harmonic beamline is installed and has produced the first attosecond pulse trains in June this year, while two more high-harmonic beamlines (100 kHz and 1 kHz) are also under installation, and attosecond pulses are expected within the year. A number of commissioning experiments have already been conducted by expert users, and more are scheduled to be implemented this year, in the framework of collaboration MoUs with ELI-ALPS. The first call for commissioning user experiments is open and can be found at https://www.eli-alps.hu/en/Users-and-Calls-1/Calls-1.

ELI-ALPS, as an international user facility, is undertaking actions towards forming an international user community, incorporating users from a broad spectrum of disciplines, research areas and technological/industrial application. The announced workshop is in the framework of these actions. The program of the event will include talks on the status of the infrastructure, on finalized experiments, on ongoing and scheduled campaigns, on future commissioning experiments of beamline and endstation developers and on four nationally funded projects dedicated to the use of ELI-ALPS.

Starts 7 Nov 2019, 09:20

Ends 8 Nov 2019, 18:20

ELI-ALPS Research Institute

Conference Hall

H-6728 Szeged, Wolfgang Sandner utca 3.

7th User Workshop Programme.pdf
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