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Information on the change of SIS

Dear Student,

University of Szeged will change the ETR Student Information System during this semester to a new one called "Neptun". We would like to mention some practical information regarding this change.

* It is advised to regularly check the Online Schedule of Administrative Tasks for the current deadlines:

* We will announce the actual information in news on the login page of the ETR and CooSpace system: ,

* The ETR will stop on 07/04/2017 and the Neptun system will start on 26/04/2017. During this intermission, the administrative and financial functions of the Student Information System will not be available. However, the CooSpace and Modulo systems will operate with nearly full functionality.

* One of the problematic issues is the Certificate of Student Status. If you would need it during the intermission, you have to request it earlier (before the stop date) at the Registrar's Office or in the Modulo system.

* The credit transfer period is brought forward. If you need credit transfer for the current exam registrations, you have to submit your request until 12/03/2017 at the Registrar's Office or in the Modulo system.

* If you are about to pay your tuition fee in the ETR system and the deadline would be in the intermission, the payment will be re-scheduled. Please check the future news in the above sources and your payment records in the Student Information System for the details.

* All your data will be converted into the new system. However, it is advised to print out your transcript of records from the ETR system using the "General information / Dynamic lists / Tárgyelemenkénti kreditkimutatás - Simple transcript of records" screen. In this way you can check the conversion. If you would find problems after the change, your Registrar's Office will be able to verify your data in the Neptun using a "frozen" copy of ETR system. (NB. The English version of this function will be available on the next week.)

* You can consult the user guide of the Neptun system at

Tamás Racskó
Deputy Director for Education


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