Sunday, 21 April 2024
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Doctoral graduation ceremony was held at the University of Szeged

Habilitation and Ph.D. doctoral degrees were awarded at the ceremony of the University of Szeged. A total of 114 young people with academic titles were greeted at the event held at the congress hall of the SZTE József Attila Education and Information Center on January 26, 2024.

The Habilitation Committee of the University of Szeged awarded 4 habilitated doctorates in the field of humanities, 5 in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences, and 2 in the field of natural and engineering sciences. Prof. Dr. György Ábrahám, the chairman of the habilitation committee, said to the newly habilitated doctors that they had proved their teaching and presentation skills, as well as their scientific performance beyond doubt, and declared them habilitation doctors, giving them the right to hold independent university lectures in their field of study.

The Doctoral Council of SZTE awarded 1 doctorate at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, 39 at the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, 23 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 10 at the Faculty of Pharmacy, 28 at the Faculty of Science and Informatics, announced Prof. Dr. Zoltán Kónya, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation at SZTE.


114 people received their doctorate degrees at SZTE on January 26, 2024. Photo gallery: Ádám Kovács-Jerney

At the beginning of the PhD convocation, on behalf of those celebrated, Dr. Dóra Ágoston requested that the inaugural council accept them as doctors. The doctors took an oath.

Academician Prof. Dr. László Vécsei, president of the SZTE Doctoral Council, awarded doctoral degrees on behalf of himself and the deans present. He said that from now on, the doctors will have the duty to serve their fellow human beings for the honor of the University of Szeged by further cultivating their specialty.

At the end of the ceremony, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Zoltán Kónya greeted the habilitated and Ph.D. doctors in Hungarian and English and encouraged them to continue their high-level, independent educational, scientific, and creative activities and to present further new results in domestic and international academic life in order to contribute to the development of their discipline.


Translated by: NKI

Photos: Ádám Kovács-Jerney


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