Friday, 23 February 2024
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New course on Coursera for SZTE: Generative AI for Everyone

Stanford professor Andrew Ng's new course opens the door to the world of AI. The comprehensive curriculum contains many tips, tricks, and information from basic knowledge to practical use - thus helping to understand the operation of artificial intelligence and deepen user-level knowledge.

Humanity's constant search for development and technological innovation is increasingly leading to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is not just a new technology, but the pioneer of an entire era, which offers new paths and opportunities in all areas of life. Understanding and exploring the world of artificial intelligence is slowly becoming inevitable. It opens up ways for us that allow us to more easily keep up with changes and technological developments in the world.

AI is currently an unknown field for many, but it can be explored with the help of Coursera's new curriculum. The Generative AI for Everyone course aims to introduce the basics and application of AI: the curriculum opens a window into the world of machine learning, data analysis, and automation, which revolutionize our everyday lives. The new Coursera curriculum provides professors and students with a fundamental understanding of generative artificial intelligence, provides practical skills for its application, and promotes awareness of the increasing inevitability of using AI in the present and future of technology, and beyond.

Why is it worth participating in the course?

AI will not only play a decisive role in the future. Artificial intelligence is already present in many areas of industry, and the demand for AI experts and user-level knowledge of AI is growing. Completing the course creates an opportunity for everyone to become more familiar with the possibilities offered by AI.

The Generative AI for Everyone course is practice-oriented, which means that whoever completes it not only acquires theoretical knowledge but can also immediately apply the acquired knowledge in real projects. The course offers a flexible schedule, allowing everyone to progress through the course material at their own time and pace.

The Coursera for SZTE interface can be accessed by SZTE citizens without registration, using the Neptun code. You can find information about using Coursera for SZTE at this link. The course is available here.

The training is supported by the RRF-2.1.2-21-2022-00012 Complex Digital Transformation – Intelligent Gear Change project.

The project is part of Hungary's Recovery and Resilience Plan.



Featured image: Understanding and exploring the world of artificial intelligence is slowly becoming inevitable.

Photo: Pexels


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