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2023 EUGLOH Photo Contest: „My Campus with a Thousand Faces”

Due to the high success of the previous years photo contest launched by the EUGLOH Alliance, this year we continue the series of our photo contest with a new topic.

„My Campus with A Thousand Faces”
We invite students from all the 9 member universities of the EUGLOH Alliance to participate in this photo contest where they are encouraged to capture moments of tranquillity and relaxation on campus, whether it's a peaceful study spot, a beautiful view, or a quiet corner for reflection.

Capture the moment and submit the picture via the application platform here!

Who can participate in the photo contest: Students of the 9 EUGLOH Alliance member universities

Application deadline: 10th of December, 2023.

* Participation is individual and each student may participate with one picture only.

3 students will win the photo contest and will receive the chance to travel to Hungary, Szeged to participate in a photo course. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the EUGLOH WP5 campus life budget.

To learn more about the photo contest rules, please read the photo contest rules in details here.

In case of questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email:


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