Tuesday, 23 April 2024
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SZTE's Video is among the 10 Best Videos of 2022 on the Latest List of Study.eu

The promotional video titled "Your Future. Our Mission", released on 3 October 2022, was selected to the top 10 by Study.eu, an educational portal listing European higher education programmes.

Staff of Study.eu published a post on LinkedIn listing the 10 university promotional videos they like best in 2022. In addition to the video from the University of Szeged, the post reviews videos from the University of Kent, Brno University of Technology, University of Leuven, University of Malmö, EU Business School, University of Oulu, IE University of Segovia, TBS University of Toulouse and the humorous TikTok video from the University of Chichester.

According to the opinion of the site, which compares international education programmes in Europe, the video from the University of Szeged has the feel of a film trailer due to the excellent quality of the media and the fast cuts. "Coming to cinemas near you in 2023," they add in their Study.eu post.

The video is about the mission of the University of Szeged, it highlights some of the venues and facilities of the university, and answers the question: why choose the University of Szeged?

Click on the video to find out yourself. For more videos, visit the University of Szeged's Youtube channel.

Initially five films were produced in autumn 2022, featuring different academic fields of the University of Szeged. 'The revied image video is a result of a cut of these, focusing on student goals and the need to show that being a student at SZTE means realising your potential' - said Péter Bajusz, Deputy Head of the Marketing Office, Directorate for International Affairs and Public Relations. 'The film is an integral part of our enrolment campaign, both the 5 films and the central film are used on online platforms, and this particular video is also used as an intro at events of the University of Szeged. The preparation of the 5 films took more than half a year, said Péter Bajusz.

The film was created by Mindfilm studio.

Creative, director: Gergő Guba, Péter Tokay
Cameraman: Gergő Guba
Assistant Cinematographer: Attila Bagi
Production Manager: Péter Bajusz
Post-production: Gergő Guba
Music, SFX: János Tóth
Voiceover: Csaba Jakab, István Balázs, Bernadett Fái, Gergő Varga, Ramóna Balogh, Gábor Szűcs
Voiceover recording: Gábor Vári, János Tóth
Lighting Director: Antal Kiss
Assistant Lighting: Imre Joó, Marci Oláh
Make-up: Eszter Nógrádi



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