Sunday, 25 February 2024
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2nd EUGLOH Annual Student Research Conference

After the success of last year's international student research conference in Szeged, this year the Paris-Saclay Université organises a competition for EUGLOH students.

The second virtual international student research conference will take place between 29 September and 1 October 2021 with the participation of students from EUGLOH universities. Contributions from all fields of Humanities and Social Sciences are welcome.

The Scientific Committee will mainly target the following topics (although other global health issues can be submitted):

  • Digital health (e-healthcare, artificial intelligence…)
  • Environmental challenges (sustainable consumption, environmental law, ecological economics, environmental diplomacy…)
  • Ethics and Health (ethics of research, ethics of care…)
  • Food, nutrition and well-being (food sovereignty, sustainable food system, food consumption…)
  • Global public health (health public policies, social marketing, social acceptance…)
  • Health economics (insurance, prevention, care…)
  • Health in changing labour conditions
  • Health law (health data protection, universal health coverage, patient rights…)
  • Health diplomacy (internationalisation of health policies, public and private actors, the role of EU…)
  • Right to health (social inequalities, social justice…)
  • Therapeutic innovations and empowerment (fab-Lab, expert patient, partner patient), patent law and pharmaceutical companies

Specific focus on Covid-19 pandemic across these themes are welcome!

The registration is open until September 6, 2021. More information and registration is available here.


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