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2021: An Outstanding Year for Katalin Karikó

Katalin Karikó studied biology at the University of Szeged between 1973-1978. She was awarded the title of Doctor of Biochemistry in 1982 after working as a researcher at the Biological Research Centre in Szeged. She started working with Drew Weissman at the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. Their scientific discovery in 2005 is considered as a landmark in research. Their publication pointed out how mRNA can be modified without causing inflammation and can be used for therapeutic purposes. They also developed an efficient strategy to deliver mRNA into the body to reach the right target. The Karikó-Weissman research team paved the way for the creation of life-saving vaccines when the COVID-19 pandemic stunned the world in 2020. The mRNA-based vaccine is used in nearly 200 countries around the world.

2021 has been a special year for Katalin Karikó, Alumni of the University of Szeged since her scientific work has been recognized by several medical awards and prizes. Her name has been all over the internet on account of her research and dedicated attitude that has helped saving millions of lives.

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Katalin Karikó and her Research Partner Awarded the "Scientific Oscar" Award

Katalin Karikó Received the Reichstein Medal: "Entering the Spacious Hallway of the Nobel Prize."


Katalin Karikó to Receive the Keio Medical Science Prize from a Prestigious Japanese University


SZTE Alumna, Katalin Karikó Among the 100 Most Influential People in the World


The Most Prestigious German Medical Prize is Awarded to the Karikó - Türeci - Şahin Trio


Katalin Karikó and Her Two Research Partners Received the American Albany Prize in Person


Katalin Karikó and her colleague Drew Weissman Receive 2021 Lasker Award, America’s Top Biomedical Research Prize


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