Thursday, 30 May 2024
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The University of Szeged has Issued New Regulations for Traveling Abroad and Receiving Foreign Delegations.

The University of Szeged regulates the issues related to traveling abroad and receiving foreign delegations with the Rector-chancellor circular No. 11/2020. (XI.16.) during the health emergency.

Private travels of employees are not restricted, the employee can travel abroad at his/her own risk in view of the current epidemic situation.

In the current situation however, the University of Szeged does not recommend trips abroad to any citizen of the University.

If the employee decides to travel abroad on his/her own responsibility, he/she shall bear the labour liability and the costs of the epidemiological measures in respect of the consequences thereof.


Ordering official foreign missions and receiving foreign delegations may take place in accordance with laws and regulations in effect, however we do not recommend these at the moment, they may be retained only in cases of special professional justification.


We would also like to inform you that free of charge PCR assay tests can only be provided hereinafter to our students majoring in health care studies, who need to do the tests in order to continue their university studies and participate in their practical studies and internships.

In case of travel abroad, the PCR test required by the host state at entry or the PCR test to shorten the mandatory epidemiological quarantine upon return to Hungary must be organized and financed by the traveller, in which case the University cannot provide free of charge PCR testing.


You can find more information on the regulations on the following link:

rector__cancellor_circular_11_2020._xi.16._on rules for private and official travels


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