Sunday, 25 February 2024
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Leniency Application for Entering Hungary During COVID-19

According to the statement published by Hungary's National Police Headquarters (ORFK) on 11 May, it is possible for students (who need to comply with examination obligations arising from their student status) to submit a leniency application for entering Hungary during the state of emergency. 

Please see the most important procedural and substantive rules related to the leniency application: 


- The leniency application is available and must be submitted on the Police’s Electronical Administration Portal upon on the request of the Hungarian Consulate/Embassy at the students home country. Meanwhile, please note that it is important to start with the process of applying for your visa whereas, you will be notified by the Hungarian Consulate in your country if you need to submit a leniency application. The Lenieny Application Forum that has to be filled in is COVID-02.

Please use this PDF guide on how to access the COVID-02 application forum.

Please download our English-language guide which will help you in filling out the form. We would like to draw into your attention that the translated PDF applies for the governmental Scholarship holders. However, the translation of the forums questions applied for everyone.


- The form can only be submitted in Hungarian language. 


- The application can be submitted by a legally authorized representative as well. 


- For persons wishing to enter Hungary at the same time, with the same aim, provided they live in the same household, it is enough to submit one application. 


- The application for entry may be submitted on the basis of the following justification: Complying with examination obligation arising from student status, provided the educational institution attests it with a certificate. 


- The personal identification document intended for use when entering must be indicated in the application, along with the document number. 


- The following documents also need to be attached to the application: 

a. The certificate justifying the application for leniency – in your case a certificate issued by your host university, attesting the examination obligation 

b. The authorization, if the application is submitted by a legally authorized representative 

Please download the guide (pdf) for further details. 



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