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TTIK Diplomaátadó

Graduation Ceremony

General regulations of the Ceremony held on 3rd July 2021

Dear Student*,


Hereby I inform you that according to the decision of the Management of the Faculty of Science and Informatics the Graduation Ceremony will be organized for the graduating students of the final examination period of 2021.


General regulations of the Ceremony held on 3rd July 2021:


The Ceremony will take place on 3rd (Saturday) July 2021 where students will be assigned to more groups and the venue is the Congress Hall at József Attila Department of Education and Information Centre (commonly known as TIK).

Currently the national measures concerning the pandemic are still in force and they are required to be taken into consideration when the Ceremony is being organized. These regulations might be changed until the day of the Ceremony that is why during the event the relevant regulations concerning the pandemic will be followed.

We kindly ask you to give us a feedback until 12.00 am on 18th (Friday) June 2021 whether you would like to take part in the Ceremony with the conditions below. On the basis of this registration the exact beginning and schedule of the Ceremony will be later specified in a different announcement.


With respect to the above mentioned facts, the Ceremony has to be organized with the following restrictions:


  1. Only those graduating students can participate in the Ceremony who meet all the requirements of issuing the diploma and has indicated their intention of attending the event to Anita Horpácsi ( until 12.00 am on 18th (Friday) June 2021. In case you have registered for the Ceremony but you do not meet any of the requirements of issuing the diploma, your registration will be invalid because only those students have the right to attend the Ceremony who have diploma.
  2. Only those graduating students can take part in the Ceremony who have a valid immunity certificate on 3rd July 2021.


  1. When entering the building, the valid immunity certificate and the valid passport have to be presented.
  2. When entering the building it is compulsory to measure each student’s temperature and hands have to be disinfected.
  3. During your entire stay in the building, it is compulsory to wear a mask covering nose and mouth. It is your responsibility to have a mask.
  4. Students can sit in the room with keeping the protective distance.
  5. For obtaining the diploma gloves will be provided by the Faculty.
  6. Only master students can obtain their diplomas in academic dress. Its fee has to be paid before the Ceremony at the venue.
  7. During the Ceremony only the Management of the Faculty and the Rector or his representative will be present.
  8. Guests or family members are not allowed to attend the Ceremony.
  9. I inform you about that the Ceremony will be broadcast live and online for those who cannot participate in it. The exact availability will be detailed later.
  10. If you do not intend to take part, you do not have to signal this to Anita Horpácsi.

Due to the arrangement of the Ceremony, if you do not register in e-mail until the given deadline, you cannot attend the Ceremony. Please keep the above mentioned deadline because after 12.00 am on 18th (Friday) June you do not have the possibility to register for the event.



*Those foreign students have been notified on 16th June who have a valid final exam application today.


Szeged, 16th June 2021


Anikó Boa

Head of Student Office

Faculty of Science and Informatics

University of Szeged


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