Friday, 23 February 2024
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The University of Szeged Faculty of Science and Informatics (SZTE TTIK) announces a Logo Design Contest for SZTE citizens with TTIK legal status: educators, non educational staff and active students with the title “100 éves az SZTE TTIK” /The SZTE TTIK is 100 years old/

The submitted designs need to be related to the SZTE TTIK in some way, and should definitely refer to the centenary of the Faculty.

A contestant can submit an unlimited number of unique designs that have not yet been contested before.

Vector graphic is the most preferred format, but hand-drawn works in high quality photos are also welcome. There is no restriction on color, size or inscription but the logo should look appealing in whatever size it is showcased.

The submitted works must be sent via email which has to include:
-“logo design contest” as the subject of the mail
-and the personal particulars of the contestant (name, department, program of student)

The artworks will be evaluated by a professional jury invited by the SZTE TTIK. The winning logo will not be the permanent symbol of the TTIK but will represent it for the time of the centenary events. As such the logo will be displayed at every centennial event, and will play a key role at every occasion.

Your designs should be submitted to the email address:

Submit your photos by: 15 February 2021


1st prize: HUF 60,000
Another 4 entries will be rewarded HUF 10,000 each

If you have further questions with regard to the logo contest, please feel free to contact us via mail at the above address. You can enter the contest only with your own artwork. By submitting you declare that your designs do not infringe other persons’ rights, as well as allow us to publish them free of charge, and consent to display and use them in faculty publications and on websites without demanding further compensation. If the winning entry is in a non vector graphic form then you agree that the original artwork may be displayed in vector graphic form as well.


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