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There is no doubt that more regional cooperation is needed in the Eurasian region. In recent years, flagship initiatives such as the Eurasian Economic Union, the Belt and Road, Regional Comprehensive Economic Cooperation, 16+1 cooperation, etc. have emerged, but we do not know the combined impact of these forms of integration on world trade. The need for greater integration can be explained in two ways. First, the untapped potential for more economic gains is obvious in the case of Central Asian countries, and second, diversification of trade and investment relations seems to be a reasonable response to mitigate threats in the face of increasing geopolitical tensions. These threats are very evident when countries are involved in asymmetric relations.

The call seeks papers that investigate the following aspects:

 How important is regional integration in Eurasia?

 What kind of integration is becoming important in this region?

 What is the role of the Belt and Road Initiative?

 What is the relationship between the Eurasian Economic Union and the BRI?

 What impact could the RCEP have on the region?

 To what extent is Central Asia capable of greater integration?

 What are the challenges of cooperation between the EU and emerging regional integrations and initiatives?

 How is Eurasia's regional integration perceived in other parts of the world and what responses have been made?

Details of the submission:

 The deadline for submission of an abstract with no more than 350 words: February 14, 2022  The acceptance of the abstracts: February 18, 2022

 The deadline for the submission of the full paper: May 27, 2022

 Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format via email.

 The length of the paper should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words.

 Authors should observe high academic standards. Plagiarism in any form is incompatible with research ethics and our values.

After submission and acceptance of the paper, the papers will be published in the Eurasia Book Series both electronically and in printed form.

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