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Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People

The aim of the programme

The core mission of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People is to provide the possibility of studying in Hungary for young Christian students living in the crisis regions of the world and/or being threatened in their country because of their faith. After completing their studies, the scholarship holders will return to help their home community with their gained knowledge, and they will participate in the reconstruction of war-destroyed countries and contribute to improvement of social situation and preservation of culture of Christian communities.

Eligible participating country

The Scholarship Programme is based on the cooperation between the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary and churches, pursuing humanitarian activities in crisis regions.

For the 2019/20 academic year the scholarship is announced for the citizens of following countries: Egypt, Lebanese Republic, Republic of Iraq, State of Israel, Palestine, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Republic of Kenya, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Nigeria. The applicants may not have Hungarian citizenship.

Local Churches are to verify and prove that the applicant belongs to their religious community. See the new List of Churces here.

Only those applications can be awarded with scholarship, which also possess the recommendation from the local Church along with the approval of the State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and for Hungary Helps Programme.

Scholarship holders must possess the relevant language and education certificates, degrees requested by the host University of the Selected Degree Programme. The scholarship holders commit themselves in the scholarship agreement that after the scholarship agreement ends they return to their home countries, if the local security and political conditions allow it so.

Scholarships are for young applicants who are older than 18 years of age by the time their education starts in Hungary. An individual may win the scholarship only one time at a study level.

How to Apply for the Scholarship Programme?

Application site

You are kindly advised to read the Call for Application 2019-20 and the updated Rules and Regulations carefully, and start preparing your application documents.

The deadline for submitting the applications is 20 March 2019.

Should you have any questions regarding the Call for Applications or the Programme, please read our FAQ section or contact us at

We are looking forward to welcome you among our scholarship holders.


Scholarship covers:

  • Tuition-free education
  • Exemption from the payment of tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend
  • Bachelor, master and one-tier master level: monthly amount of HUF 119 000 (cca. EUR 380) contribution to the living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies
  • Accommodation
  • Dormitory place or a contribution of HUF 40 000 to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period
  • Reimbursement of travel costs
  • HUF 200 000 /year (cca. EUR 645)
  • Medical insurance
  • health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act No. 80 of 1997, national health insurance card) and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65 000 (cca. EUR 205) a year/person

Language of the Programme

Applicants are eligible to apply only if they meet the minimum language criteria set by the chosen host higher education institution. In general: applicants are required to have a level of English proficiency required by the Host Institution.

Preparatory Programme

Besides full degree programmes, full-time non-degree programmes are also available within the programme in certain cases, for up to one year. Please read this section if you are applying for study programmes in the field of Music or Engineering.

Preparatory courses are non-degree programmes before starting a bachelor or master level degree programme at a Host Institution (both with the scholarship). Specialisation courses are non-degree programmes after completing a bachelor or master level degree programme, therefore it is for those who already have a degree.

In case of English language full degree study programmes in the fields of Engineering and Music, during the institutional entrance examination process, and based on the professional evaluation of the applicant, the host institutions have the right to make the decision to admit the applicant for a preparatory course (up to 1 year) before they can actually start their full degree programmes. The preparatory course is only available before bachelor and master level programmes in the fields of Engineering and Music. Applicants therefore cannot directly apply for preparatory courses taught in English language; it is always the host institutions’ decision whether a professional preparation year is necessary or not.


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